Gourmet Coffee

Flavored Coffees            

 Single Origin Coffees

    Coppa Featured Coffees

Black Cherry Brazilian Peaberry       Coppa House Blend
Blackberry Cream Coppa Supremo (Colombian) Knght Time
Blueberry Cream Costa Rican  Third Alarm 
Butterscotch Coppa Dark Roast Coppa House Decaf
Chocolate Caramel Ethiopian Harrar
Coconut Cream Honduran
Coppa Cookie (Snickerdoodle) Indonesian Sumatra
Honest's Nest (Banana's 'Foster) Nicaraguan 
Nutty Irishman
Panther Pride (Hazelnut Vanilla)
Salted Caramel
Spiced Butter Rum
Vermont  Maplenut Crunch

Chai Tea Latte

Green Tea Chai Latte
Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte
Spiced Chai Latte
Vanilla Chai Latte

Loose Leaf Teas

Caffeine Free Teas

Green Teas

Black Teas

Wellness Teas

African Rooibos Chinese Hyson Black Dragon Pearl Black Coppa Detox Wellness
Apricot Supreme Herbal Tisane Dragonwell Green Clove Black Happy Belly Wellness
Berry Cream Herbal Ebony Jade Oolong Darjeeling Tippy Peppermint Herbal
Blood Orange Herbal Fine Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green English Breakfast Turmeric Bliss Herbal
Blue Eyes Herbal Tisane Jade Citrus Mint Green Earl Grey
Chamomile Herbal Japanese Sencha Green Earl Grey Decaf Black
Coppa Colada Herbal Japanese Sencha Decaf Green Earl Grey Lavender Black
Coppa Detox Wellness Jasmine with Flowers Green Golden Monkey Black
Just Peachy Herbal Vanilla Oolong Masala Chai Black

Passionfruit Tango Herbal White Blueberry                                   Midnight Ginger                                                       
Peppermint Herbal White Tea Orange Pekoe Black
Rooibos Island Escape Rooibos Raja Oolong Chai Black
Turmeric Bliss Herbal Samurai Mate
Wakanda Caramel Rooibos Blooming Tea Sassafras Black

Tea Accessories                   Coffee Accessories
Amber Rock Sugar          16oz Coppa Branded Travel Mug       Coffee Syphon
Electric Kettle 20oz Coppa Branded Travel Mug
Tea Infusers Coffee Grinders
French Press

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